Multi-Axis Piezo Control Unit

Multi-Axis Piezo Control Unit is configured for independent control of
Four Piezo Actuators. The control is a completed system which includes
control unit, motor-drives and local high-voltage power supply.
Piezo Control provides up to 300mA output drives current and provides
also higher RF immunity for the axes with strain gauge feedback sensors. The
Computing and Control resources of the Control Unit are provided by a
400MHz SHARC DSP based MCM-4 Control Module. The communication
between the Controller and machine computer uses an Ethernet connection
The Control Unit features advanced high precision motion control of Piezo
Actuators and supported by Mega-Fabs WizAlg – a powerful development,
programming, analyzing and debugging tools.

Multi-Axis Piezo Control Unit

Multi-Axis Piezo Control Unit

Power Supply

24VDC +/- 10%, 1.0A minimum

Internal DC BUS Voltage

+130VDC, -20VDC


Linear Analog

Drives output current

300mA peak, 150mA cont’s, 20% duty cycle maximum

Drives output voltage range


Load Impedance

Capacitive, up to 50uF

Analog Sine-Cosine Encoders

Two Channels 1Vpp Differential Sine-Cosine electrical interface 1Vpp or RS422 Index electrical interface Up to 5 MHz Sine-Cosine Frequency Up to 40,000 Interpolation Factor 16bit ADC Resolution before Over-Sampling

Strain Gauge Interfaces

Two Channels 16bit ADC Resolution before Over-Sampling Inputs RFI filters for radiation immunity Connector LEMO EPL.0S.304.HLN

Analog Inputs

Four channels Differential +/-10V signals range 14 bit ADC Resolution

Analog Outputs

Four channels Differential +/-10V output signals range 16 bit DAC Resolution

Fast Digital Inputs

Four channels RS422 type interface

Fast Digital Outputs

Four channels RS422 type interface

Optoisolated Digital Inputs

Three channels

Optoisolated Digital Outputs

Two channels

Ethernet, 10/100 Base T, TCP/IP

Single channel

Configurable USB or RS232 interfaces

Single channel, or USB or RS232

Four Axes Total Sample Rate


Control Algorithms Structure

Cascaded (nested) Velocity-Position loops control structures, flexible Bi-Quad filters in each of the loops Control parameters switching on condition – position error size, other axes position, move size, move state, move transition etc.

Proprietary Algorithms

Proprietary control structures and algorithms can be easy implemented by the use of Mega-Fabs WizAlg – a graphical, icon-driven visual tool for algorithms block diagrams building, loading and testing No programming background required to build the customers proprietary algorithms; No Mega-Fabs participation is required

Motion Profiles

Smart, On-the-Fly motion profile computing Jerk based motion profiles, smooth jerk, acceleration and velocity Feed-forward outputs generation S-curve profiles allow on-the-fly changes of the target, velocity and acceleration/deceleration 32 bit standard, 64-bit extended position range 32 bit velocity, acceleration and jerk ranges

Servo Analysis Tools

Frequency domain identification and analyzing tools using step sine method: Bode, Nichols, Nyquist, Programmable frequency range, frequency resolution and amplitude of excitation sine signal, User configurable insertion point for excitation signal, User configurable points for frequency response measurements, Step response. Programmable amplitude and duty cycle, Export data in MATLAB compatible format for the time domain, frequency domain and frequency response measurements.

Initialization, homing and calibration capability

The Controller supports an initialization and homing processes for each axis separately and/or simultaneously, Controller supports scaling and offsetting an absolute feedback.

Diagnostics and Protection

Piezo Actuators leakage current, Internal Power Bus and DC/DC Voltages BIT Drives Output Current Limit



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