• Up to 20/10 A peak/cont. drives current
  • DC Brushless, DC Brush, Micro-Step and voice coil motors
  • Wide range of Absolute and Incremental encoders per each axis
  • Synchronized Independent or Multi-Axis Coordinated Control – 50us total processing period
  • Ethernet, EtherCAT Slave, USB and RS232 communications
  • Always-Power-On Emergency Stop protection



DSP Core MCM3/400

Motor Drives Power Supply


Logic Power Supply

+24VDC, 0.5A

Drives Output Current Options [cont/peak]





Dedicated Digital I/O (per axis)

Left and right limit switches

Motor Temperature sensor

Motor Brake output

General purpose Digital inputs

Total 31 inputs divided in two groups – 15 and 16 inputs. Each group can be set for open collector input type or open emitter input type

General purpose Digital outputs

Total 23 outputs that can be set to open collector or open emitter type

Fast Digital inputs

Total eight – Type RS-422

Fast Digital outputs

Total four – Type RS-422

General purpose Analog inputs

Total five, differential type, 12, 14, or 16 bit resolutions

General purpose Analog outputs

Total three, resolution 12, 14, or 16 bits

Communication Interfaces

10/100B Ethernet, Two channels

USB, 2.0 compliant (can be changed to RS-232)

RS-232, three channels



Emergency Stop Opto-Isolated Input

Power supplies short and Over-current protection

DC BUS Regeneration protection (with external circuits)

Drives Over-current, Over-Temperature, Shorts, Power and Gates Over-Under Voltage

Motors Over-Temperature, Coils short, Motor presence

Internal DC/DC outputs over-current protection

Built-in-Test BIT for all digital and analog inputs and outputs


300 X 120 X 54 mm

Downloading Specification for MAC-4 DSP Core Download Specifications