The only graphical programming environment you’ll ever need

  • WIZALG is a graphical programming environment for developing, debugging and analyzing any control algorithm.


  • WIZALG’s primary interface is a graphical block programing tool consisting of pre-defined and customizable building blocks, giving the user a friendly yet sophisticated tool, enabling him to easily build any proprietary application algorithm.


  • WIZALG contains a graphic editor enabling the user to skip the programming phase – and instead build his algorithm by dragging graphical blocks from a wide selection available.


  • WIZALG also offers the user the option to integrate into the graphical scheme, a block containing a C code.
Variables/states real time monitoring
Data Collection (Record)
Real time oscilloscopes (up to 8 – parallel)
Live FFT
Frequency analyzer (Bode/Nyquist/Nichols)
Encoders set up and tune
Motors set up and tune

WIZALG communicates with Mega-Fabs controllers via serial links such as RS232, USB, Ethernet, EtherCAT Based mega- Ulink propriety interface, and can also run and control other Mega-Fabs propriety analyzing tools such as KMI and frequency / spectrum analyzer

Today, WIZALG is the leading solution, widely used around the world, for sophisticated and high-end motion control applications

About Wizalg

WizAlg User Interface

A friendly, yet sophisticated environment that include preset statistical and analysis tools.




WizAlg Graphic Editor

The WizAlg graphic editor enables the user to skip the programming phase with an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop function. This graphical block programming tool consists of pre-defined and customizable building blocks for ease of use and advanced designs.

WizAlg SW Programming

The software programming feature gives the user the ability to write his own code with complete flexibility. Code can then be easily complied on Mega-Fabs Core technology.



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